Kirtan kollective - the vision

Kirtan Kollective is our “non-profit” - done for service.  Although it has a an income through donations, the income is under the purview of the group.

VISION: Building Community Through Kirtan

VALUES: Compassion; Acceptance; Connection; Creativity; Spirituality; Self-care; LOVE; Communication.

Because Kirtan Kollective is a commUNITY, we operate with an eye on WE not ME.  We are willing to subjugate our personal desires for the good of the group.

Raphael Warnock: “We need a spiritual revival in this country, but for this revival, we need a much larger tent.”

Kirtan = Sing - Chanting the name of God in a thousand different languages to quiet the mind and open our hearts.

     -No Dogma

     -No Judgement

     -Just Sing

Note: Kirtan is part of a larger movement called Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga =

Symbols - Karl Jung - “The gods and goddesses represent parts of our personality.”  It is great to              explore these in the context of our own personal growth.

Stories - We bring our personal stories which blend with others in the group to become our community story which blends with the mythology (the stories of the ancestors).

Songs - The songs are the outgrowth of the symbols and stories woven together to build commUNITY.


1. Bhakti Bunch

     a. Core Group - Tuesday

Develop the music and general direction of the group.

     b. THE NINE - Wednesday


2. Kirtan Kollective - Monthly

3. Quarterly Events (Either on the road or in the Fox Valley)

4. Global Outreach

     —Recorded Music


If you live within driving distance of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we would love it if you would join us for our monthly gatherings.  Just contact me and I will give you the time and place.  (we are meeting in a private home)

the power of symbol