Kirtan kollective - the vision


To create a community around Kirtan which allows individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual connection without judgement.


We are: 1) A creative group, helping one another create. 2) We build community that gives an audience to our creative ventures. 3) We export Kirtan to other communities. 4) Educate regarding Bhakti Yoga - Kirtan.

If you live within driving distance of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we would love it if you would join us for our monthly gatherings.  Just contact me and I will give you the time and place.  (we are meeting in a private home)

Bhakti yoga - In Swami Sivananda’s words, “Bhakti Yoga is the easiest and surest way to attain God Realization in this present age. Through prayers and chants one turns his/her emotions into devotion, developing an unconditional love towards seeing God in all of creation.” 

To embody the symbols, stories and songs of Bhakti yoga. 

—Learn the Mantra chants 

—Learn the stories 

—Understand the symbolic language spoken through the deities of Bhakti yoga. 

—Training chant leaders 

—Sound Healing 

To explore our own spirituality without judgment. 

To create community around Bhakti yoga. 

Three circles: 

Weekly small group (6-8)

Monthly - Medium group (20 - 25)

Quarterly Events - Public Events for the community in the Fox Valley or Milwaukee. 


Local - Fox River Valley from GB - Fond du Lac in Wisconsin 

Regional - Upper Midwest - Fox Cities, Madison, MKE, Twin Cities, Chicago. 

National/International - Auricle Collective (Headed by Sean Johnson, David Stringer and Suzanne Sterling)

the power of symbol