Taku Wakan Ska Ska


By: Dennis Hawk   

I have established for myself that I am here because God wants me here. If God didn’t want me here, I would not exist. Existence is a stand-alone project. I don’t have to do anything. God created me, I am here and therefore, I am valuable. Period! Even though I am intrinsically valuable, God adds a bonus and puts me in motion!   

There is another Lakota phrase, an actual phrase describing God: Taku Wakan Ska Ska.  Literally? Things Sacred in motion. All things are sacred and all things are in motion.  When Lakota teacher Basil Braveheart taught this, he said, with a sparkle in his eye,  “Doesn’t this sound a great deal like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E = mc²?” Then with a wink he said, “I love it when science validates what we have always known to be true.”   

Taku Wakan Ska Ska applies to everything and everyone. We are sacred energy and sacred matter. We are moving around in a circle from one to the other. We are also connected to the greatness of the source of all energy and matter, God.   

In order to know my function and purpose on the face of Mother Earth today, I need to establish that, first and foremost, I am a sacred being in motion, connected to God.

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